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Stryker PowerLOAD

$18,950.00 5.0 / 5.0

Proven to improve operator and patient safety, the Power-LOAD Cot Fastener System supports the cot throughout the loading and unloading process. This sophisticated cot loading system is designed to prevent cumulative trauma injuries by significantly reducing spinal loading. This innovative Power-LOAD System is designed to load and unload a compatible cot with the touch of a button — not you back!

Advanced Technology

  • Eliminates the need to steer the cot into & out of the Ambulance
  • Minimizes patient drops by supporting the cot until wheel are on the ground
  • Meets Dynamic Crash Test Standards for maximized occupant safety
  • Features an Easy-to-Use Manual Back-Up System which allows for complete operation, in the event of power-loss
  • Lifts and lowers the cot into & out of the ambulance, eliminating spinal loading which can results in cumulative trauma injuries
  • Power-LOAD hydraulically lifts patients weighing up to 700lbs


  • Inductive Charging – Power-LOAD automatically charges the SMRT battery when in transport (no cables or connectors required)
  • Power Controls – Power-PRO Cot controls the Power-LOAD System during loading and unloading for ease of operation and maximum convenience
  • Operation Guide – Power-LOAD operation labels are provided and intended to be placed on the inside of the rear doors of the ambulance as a quick reference guide
  • Marine Grade Hydraulic System – Provides reliable operation in harsh conditions
  • Control Panel – Allows complete operation for manual cots as well as the operation of powered cots in the event of a power loss
  • Low Electrical Demand – Power-LOAD is self-powered, drawing minimal amperage from the vehicle (during charging process)
  • Cot Release Handles – Red Release Handles allow the cot to be disengaged from the Power-LOAD System when unloading
  • Linear Transfer System – Supports and guides the cot during loading and unloading
  • Lifting Arm – Battery-powered hydraulic lift system supports the cot and patient during loading and unloading
  • Head-end LED Indicators – Keeps operators informed of position status – solid green when in position or ready to transport; flashing amber when not in position or not ready to transport
  • Cot Compatibility – The Power-LOAD Compatibility Option is also available for the Power-PRO XT, POWER-PRO IT, and the Performance-PRO
  • Safety Hook – Assures handling confidence when loading and unloading , in the event of a power loss
  • Trolley – Secures the cot into the Power-LOAD System
  • Foot-end Release – Allows the cot to be disengaged from the patient compartment

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Brand: Stryker
Type: Cot Fasteners

The Cot Warehouse Guarantee: has conducted in depth testing of all cot components and operations (ie manual release and locking in all folding positions, leg shock frame operation, drop down frame operation, transfer and load [tilt] operation, wheels, tires, etc.) As part of our in depth procedures, we disassemble sections of the cot in order to inspect, measure, and test various components to ensure they meet manufacturer specifications and then reassemble to those same specification.

We ensure all fasteners are secure, all welds intact, that there are no broken or damaged components and that all operations including side rails, latches, backrest cylinder operations, leg rests, etc. have a full range of motion as per manufacturers specifications. You will basically receive a cot functioning as if you just purchased a new one and were taking it out of the box for the very first time.

The cot is then certified to be in excellent working condition. In addition, you will receive our Comprehensive Ambulance Cot Evaluation Certificate stating that the stretcher is certified to manufacturers operation specifications.


All cots, stretchers, stair chairs, lockdown mechanisms, and lockdown bars are mechanically refurbished unless otherwise stated. Cosmetic wear does not affect the function of the stretcher in any way. Although the equipment is refurbished, it will have signs of previous regular usage. Cot Warehouse does not do any cosmetic refurbishment – this includes powder coating, touch up painting, and repainting unless specifically necessary (like our Star Spangled Ambulance Cot).

If you would like further information on our refurbishment process, please call (888) 271-0111 to speak to a representative.


All cots are shipped via freight to business locations only. Shipping to residential addresses will incur additional charges per our shipping company. Accessories and parts are shipping via UPS Ground. Express or overnight shipping available upon request for an additional charge. Shipping to international or non-contiguous US states and territories incur additional fees, taxes, and charges.

If you would like further information on shipping, please call (888) 271-0111 to speak to a representative.

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